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Take A Peek At The Beauty Of Gili Meno

Take A Peek At The Beauty Of Gili MenoThere are so many tourist attractions in Lombok. Starting from the beach, waterfalls, and mountains. One of the interesting tourist attractions that you can visit is Gili Meno tourism. Try coming to Gili Meno while on vacation to Lombok Island. Located in North Lombok Regency, West Nusa Tenggara, this island offers natural beauty wrapped in an atmosphere full of serenity.

On the Gilis, which are still relatively minimal in terms of facilities, we can relax and unite with the beauty of nature while breathing fresh air. In contrast to Gili Trawangan which is so crowded, here there are only cottages that are designed minimalist but not lacking in beauty. Below is The Beauty Of Gili Meno that you must know.

Take A Peek At The Beauty Of Gili Meno

Gili Meno is famous as a tourist destination for honeymooners. The calm and romantic atmosphere makes it a target for newlyweds. But not only for the honeymoon only. You and your family or friends can have a vacation here to calm down. Because the atmosphere is very far from the city crowd.

There is something unique here. You are not allowed to use the car. To keep the atmosphere calm, every visitor can rent a bicycle. With this bicycle, tourists can get around to be able to enjoy the beauty of Gili Meno tourism. So there are no motorized vehicles, either two-wheeled or four-wheeled, here.

Interesting Activities In Gili Meno Tourism

What interesting things can you do here? There are several things you can do, namely:

Ride The Meno Horse

The challenging thing you can do is ride a horse. Horse riding around the Gili Meno tour will be an unforgettable interesting experience. But make sure you have basic knowledge of riding a horse, so you are safe. Usually, tourists will ride a horse with a path starting from the beach. If you are unsure about riding a horse, you can rent a bicycle as an alternative. You will not feel tired going around on a bicycle. Because the natural scenery is fantastic so you won’t feel tired.

Swimming On The Beach

You can swim on this Gili Meno beach tour. If you want you can also dive here to enjoy the natural beauty under the sea. There are unique things that you can find on Gili Mino here.. There is a statue by Jason deCaires Taylor that is 13 feet deep. so when you dive you will find the statue. Don’t forget to capture this moment by taking pictures.

No less exciting, you can go to Gili Meno Wall. Here many turtles are swimming to and fro. Many tourists are interested in seeing these turtles.

Enjoy The Sunset

After being satisfied playing in the water or diving on Gili Meno tours, you can continue your trip to Lake Meno. The location of Gili Meno is in the middle of the island. Here the atmosphere is very beautiful. You will see many shady trees. Sitting and relaxing by the lake will be very comfortable.

Or you can also be on a wooden bridge built over the lake. Usually, many tourists sit here while waiting for the sunset. While waiting for the sun to set, you can chat with the locals. Or another option, you can relax in a hammock while reading a book. You can also enjoy the young coconut ice that is sold there.

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