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Fast-Track Your Beach Escape with Idola Express

Step aboard the Idola Express Fast Boat, where grace meets speed on the azure waters between Bali and the magnificent Nusa Penida Island. Idola Express is not just a vessel; it’s your front-row ticket to an exceptional sea adventure, boasting swift travel times to one of Indonesia’s most coveted destinations.
The Idola Express Fast Boat transcends the common ferry experience, offering a journey that’s both quick and enjoyable. In under an hour, you can swap the bustling streets of Sanur for the serene beaches of Nusa Penida, making the most of your tropical getaway with more time to explore, relax, and immerse yourself in island life.
Our state-of-the-art crafts are equipped with the latest maritime technology, ensuring not only a rapid transit but also your safety and comfort. Idola Express’s skilled crew is dedicated to providing a seamless experience from dock to dock, ensuring your trip is as pleasant as the destination itself.
Idola Express values your vacation time, propelling you towards an island escape with minimal delay and maximum satisfaction. Rejoice in the beauty of Nusa Penida without the long waiting times or crowded boats. Tailor your trip with our flexible scheduling and make the journey part of your destination with Idola Express Fast Boat.
Perfect for solo explorers, romantic getaways, and family excursions alike, Idola Express Fast Boat connects you to the enchantment of Nusa Penida with unmatched efficiency and elegance
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SanurNusa Penida08.00 – 08.45
SanurNusa Penida10.30 – 11.15
Nusa PenidaSanur09.30 – 10.15
Nusa PenidaSanur16.30 – 17.15

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